2018: A Year in Review

It’s been an incredible year of growth and progress for DJ&A. As we celebrate 45 years of serving clients in Missoula and across the country. In 2018, our work brought us all across the United States, from remote islands of southeast Alaska to of hills of Kisatchie National Forest in Louisiana. We secured contracts that will allow us to expand the services we provide and break into new territories: National Park Service, Pacific West Region – A/E Full Service Design IDIQ National Park Service, Alaska Region – A/E Full Service Design IDIQ USFS, Region 5 – Bridge Design & Load Ratings IDIQ USFS, Region 8 – Bridge Load Ratings IDIQ USFS, Region 6 – A/E Full Service Design IDIQ for the Colville National Forest Region 6/10 – A/E Full Service Design IDIQ USACE Walla Walla District – Survey & Mapping IDIQ We hired eight additional full-time employees to strengthen our engineering, GIS, and surveying teams. We helped one of our clients (Bureau of Reclamation) win an ACEC-Montana Engineering Excellence Award for an emergency survey and mapping project completed at the height of the 2018 floods. We gave back to our community through volunteering, community engagement, and fundraising. And, we proudly launched a new logo and website to better reflect of our innovative spirit and our progressive vision for the future of our company. We want to extend a thank you to our clients and trusted partners who have made this a great year for DJ&A and our employees. We look forward to serving you in 2019!  

Thank You for Funding Missoula’s Warming Center

Every December, our employees from Missoula and Vancouver come together to celebrate what we’ve accomplished over the last year at our annual Christmas party. One of our employee’s favorite traditions at the party is our charity raffle. DJ&A purchases some great prizes, our employees purchase tickets, and all of the money is donated to a nonprofit or deserving cause nominated by our employees. This year, right around the time we were selecting our raffle beneficiary, an article appeared in the Missoulian that inspired us to kick our fundraising up a notch. After learning that our local Salvation Army was $11,000 short of their fundraising goal to operate a much-needed Warming Center in Missoula, we decided to not only pledge our charity raffle funds to support the need, but also put out a challenge to other businesses and Missoula residents to join us. We pledged an initial donation of $5,000 from our raffle funds and set up a GoFundMe page to encourage others to help us meet the goal. The Missoulian generously helped us get the word out, and we watched as donations started to trickle in. On the night of our party, our employees blew through all previous charity raffle records and raised $6,770 for the shelter, beating our previous fundraising efforts by more than $1,000. And, our community stepped up to the challenge to donate additional funds, bringing the grand total to $12,614 in less than two weeks. We want to thank all who stepped up and generously donated to support this critical need for our neighbors in Missoula. You can read more about the warming center and DJ&A’s challenge here.