People matter most.

Our people are our most valuable resource, and we are driven by what our employees value. We put people first by offering an environment that nurtures growth and supports what our employees are passionate about. From a generous benefits package to flexible schedules that help us achieve work/life harmony, we provide our people with the benefits and resources they need to succeed in and out of the office.

Lead from where you are. 

At DJ&A, every employee has an opportunity to lead, regardless of their job title, whether by leading a committee, raising a concern and proposing a solution, or making sure all voices are heard, everyone will be given opportunities to lead from where they are.

Act with integrity.

DJ&A employees do the right thing and hold others accountable. When we fall short, we take responsibility and make things right. 

Never compromise on quality.

Quality is the cornerstone of our success. We take pride in our work and schedule time to deliver quality. When we put ourselves in the undesirable position of choosing between meeting our quality standards or delivering on time, we choose the former.