For more than 30 years, DJ&A has been providing services in right-of-way design, negotiations and acquisitions for transportation, pipeline, and telecommunication projects, having worked for federal agencies, municipalities, counties and utilities.

Our experienced team prides itself in finding solutions to the most complex right-of-way acquisitions while making sure every negotiation is valued from the client’s and property owner’s standpoint. In fact, we have worked with clients to acquire more than 900 parcels in the last 15 years.

Key Services

  • Acquisition
  • Appraisals/Review Appraisals
  • Engineering, Surveying & Mapping
  • Easement
  • Pipeline/Utility Relocation
  • Permitting
  • Damage Settlements
  • Federal Compliance & Certifications
  • Right-of-Way Program Assessment
  • Records Management
  • Title Research
  • Utility Conflict Resolution
  • Plat & Legal Description Preparation
  • Plan & Profile Drawings
  • Construction Oversight & Inspection
  • Eminent Domain
Thank you for the extra time and patience leading us through the negotiation process. You never left us out of the loop, and worked through our very specific concerns. We are lucky that DJ&A understands ranching and our needs to move forward toward a workable solution.