We’re thrilled to share the next evolution in our LiDAR mapping capabilities. We’ve entered a new partnership with Northstar Jet to provide large-scale aerial LiDAR mapping services for our clients. Our powerful aerial LiDAR system, when combined with Northstar’s Cessna 172, can now efficiently capture data for projects thousands of acres in size.

Over the last six years, our team has offered industry leading UAV LiDAR and mobile LiDAR capabilities with our Phoenix LiDAR Systems Ranger LR high accuracy LiDAR system. In addition to our long history of terrestrial laser scanning, DJ&A can now offer a full spectrum and scale of LiDAR services, from interior building scans to aerial LiDAR for projects thousands of acres in size.

Aerial LiDAR Test Flight
Aerial LiDAR Point Cloud Tour

Interested in learning more about this service? Have a project you think might be a good candidate for aerial LiDAR mapping? Contact us today.

DJ&As’s Lucas Veteto and Jeff Rizza at Northstar Jet in Missoula

We’d like to thank our friends and partners Northstar Jet and Phoenix LiDAR Systems for working with us to provide this service to our clients.