In the early 1990’s, Yellowstone National Park discovered that a previously deactivated 1,000-gallon heating fuel oil tank was leaking fuel into the ground near a residential area on the west side of the Park. After many years of monitoring, the Montana Department of Environmental Quality requested that the National Park Service complete a Corrective Action Work Plan before officially closing the site to future monitoring.

DJ&A managed all of the necessary steps to complete a Corrective Action Plan and final environmental site investigation to fulfil Montana DEQ requirements.  This included the drilling and installation of three monitoring wells to determine the extent of contamination, and to provide recommendations for proper mitigation and/or removal/abandonment.

Soil and water samples were collected from the monitoring wells and sent to a lab for testing before DJ&A completed a chemical analysis and site evaluation.

Key Services

  • Completed of a Correction Action Work Plan for Montana DEQ approval
  • Drilled and installed three 50-foot deep vertical water wells to monitor ground water
  • Groundwater sampling
  • Provided a written chemical analysis and site evaluation
  • Monitored well abandonment

Value Added

DJ&A worked closely with the National Park Service and the Montana Department of Environmental Quality to ensure proper monitoring and reporting techniques were utilized.  A kick off meeting lead by DJ&A allowed for all members of the project to fully understand the scope and deliverables.  This mutual understanding by all invested parties ensured that this project was completed and approved by all parties while remaining on schedule and budget.