DJ&A provided project management and professional design services for the 3R reconstruction of Silvies-Hopper Lane (County Road 93) in Oregon, from its intersection with State Highway 395, east 2.94 miles to the boundary with the Malheur National Forest where it becomes Forest Road 93. The project was approved as part of the Federal Lands Access Program (FLAP) and provides access to forest land for timber companies and recreational users. The project included development of a complete set of contract documents including plans, specifications, and estimate (PS&E) and a CPM construction schedule.

For this project, our team eliminated the need for a full corridor survey; limited our geotechnical investigation to only a few asphalt core samples to assess the existing pavement section; and, eliminated unnecessary design submittals at the 30% and 50% designs and jumped straight to 95% design. These steps drastically scale down the level of design effort resulting in more funds available for construction. DJ&A completed project scoping and final design for these improvements.

Key Services

  • Coordination of a project scoping meeting with WFLHD and Grant County
  • Conducted field reconnaissance
  • Survey and mapping of roadway
  • Performed environmental clearance work, including environmental studies, public involvement, and preparing NEPA environmental documents
  • Final design and development of PS&E Package
  • Coordination with Grant County staff, the County’s Consulting Engineer and representatives from both the Forest Service and the Oregon Department of Transportation

Value Added

“DJ&A’s management team for this project was very customer-focused, reasonable, and cooperative. They made sure that the project they were delivering met our needs. With the inevitable changes and delays that come with the development of a project, they were very adaptable and responsive with resources and schedule…I am very happy with their team as a whole.”  – WFLHD Contract Specialist