The roads and byways of the Wallowa Mountain Loop are often referred to as “the seven wonders of Oregon” by local residents. The mountain roads record heavy snowfall every winter and are often inaccessible to the public until mid-June when warmer temperatures and crews of snowplows begin clearing snow.

Under its five-year, prime A/E IDIQ full-service contract with Western Federal Lands Highway Division, DJ&A provided survey, mapping, and environmental support for a proposed roadway improvement and widening project along Wallowa Mountain Road.

Surveying included topographic, hydraulic cross-sections, and right of way survey and mapping on approximately 5 miles along this rural road. Environmental components included wetland determination, delineation and reports, as well as biological surveys and reporting.

Key Services

  • Conducted research of Corner Records, records of survey and property records
  • Established contact with and secured permissions from 24 landowners
  • Completed right of way retracement, topographic, and bathymetric surveys
  • Tied ingress and egress routes to the easement boundary
  • Conducted standard transect surveys to support the topographic mapping effort
  • Calculated cadastral and property corners
  • Created retracement files and delivered in MicroStation format
  • Completed wetlands and “Other Waters of the US” delineation and report
  • Delineated wetlands and completed GIS mapping of wetland boundaries
  • Utilized GPS to physically identify the boundaries of the wetlands at 20 to 40-foot intervals and created a 10-foot buffer to restrict access to the identified wetlands
  • Completed wetland functions and values assessment

Value Added

This project demonstrates DJ&A’s extensive experience in boundary and easement surveying across a large project area.