DJ&A survey crews frequently travel to remote locations to complete unique survey and mapping projects for clients across the nation. For this project, a two-person crew flew by sea plane to the remote island village of Tununak, Alaska, located on Nelson Island in the Bering Sea. With a population of just over 300, the crew lodged in the community school building for the duration of their stay. DJ&A completed boundary and R/W monument ties and topographic surveying for the reconstruction of 4.5 miles of community streets running through Tununak.  Work was coordinated with Village representatives and completed on ATVs.

Key Services

  • Complete topographic survey and mapping including all cultural and natural features on both sides of the roadway
  • Records research to map existing right of way and landownership adjacent to the road
  • Utility location

Value Added

This project demonstrates DJ&A’s ability to perform extremely remote projects with efficiency.