Originally built in 1936 by the Civilian Conservation Corps, the Swan Lake Campground site was historically preserved in 2009 and retains its charming historic character. The forest’s great salmon runs first attracted Native Americans to the area, then miners, homesteaders, and fur trappers followed.

After several years of growing maintenance concerns, the Colville National Forest decided to replace an aging gravity-fed water system within the campground. The new system would address the lack of electrical power on site and would reduce the manpower needed to maintain, repair, and winterize the seasonal system.

DJ&A provided professional engineering and design services to rehabilitate the water system and reduce maintenance needs. DJ&A prepared a complete bid package for the design of the gravity water system, water tank and pump house. The water system included approximately 4380 feet of water line connected to 9 drain lines, and 12 hydrants.

Key Services

  • Completed site investigation of existing conditions
  • Conducted site survey and mapping of all topography, structures, sites, roads, recreation features, and existing water system features (hydrants, pump house, tank, well, drains, valves, etc.)
  • Designed replacement water system utilizing the existing well and pump
  • Designed 4380 feet of new water line connected to 9 drain lines, and 12 hydrants
  • Designed new water tank to hold 3,5000 gallons
  • Coordinated with Washington Department of Health for design approval
  • Delivered full construction bid package

Value Added

DJ&A has more than 40 years of experience serving the Forest Service and understands their need for cost-effective and maintenance-free designs. On this project, DJ&A’s design included a vandal-resistant power source and water features to ensure the system would remain operational long term.