This project provided right-of-way negotiation and acquisition services for the widening and reconstruction of Rouse Avenue (MT Highway 86) in Bozeman to provide improved safety and operations for the traveling public. This project was a sensitive topic in the Bozeman area and had local media coverage. DJ&A was contracted by MDT to negotiate with 102 landowners for acquisition of construction permits, easement, and fee title in connection with the needed roadway reconstruction.

Key Services

  • Provided necessary documents to show ownership of property to be acquired
  • Obtained adequate interest in property
  • Cleared all encumbrances
  • Prepared written records, deeds, easements, and exhibits
  • Directed negotiations with property owners and-or their attorneys and provided recommendations for settlements
  • Reviewed maps, deeds, documents, appraisals, and title reports
  • Obtained mortgage releases, clearing taxes and liens
  • Prepared condemnation packages and submittal to MDT

Value Added

DJ&A’s right-of-way negotiators are also professional engineers and their experience in civil design, R/W plan development, and cost estimating directly benefits MDT. For example, on the Rouse Avenue project, there were numerous cases where engineer’s review of plans helped identify opportunities for design corrections and where knowledge of the full life-cycle of a project helped to address landowner concerns.

In addition, DJ&A’s in-house staff of professional land surveyors aid negotiators in navigating complex scenarios.