In 2012, a massive landside occurred on the Going-to-the-Sun Road in Glacier National Park, blocking access to an existing water tank serving a popular campground in the area. Due to risks of the water system failing, the Park Service hired DJ&A to design and prepare construction documents for a new 120,000 gallon potable water tank replacement with a booster pump building and water line conveyance.

After completing a geotechnical investigation, a new location was selected for the water tank. DJ&A’s design included cast-in-place concrete foundation, precast concrete booster pump building, booster pump and electrical controls, and water line connections to the existing system. DJ&A was successful providing surveying and design within an accelerated time frame so the project could be released to bid during a desirable bidding environment.

Key Services

  • Performed a field investigation for the sit to determine the existing layout of the water and controls system
  • Conducted geotechnical exploration
  • Coordinated with Montana DEQ
  • Designed new the water system and control lines
  • Developed complete construction package

Value Added

Design included a cost effective yet attractive precast concrete pumphouse building and prefabricated water tank.  Due to the site remoteness and extremely short construction window, these two structures were incorporated into our design and as a result the construction schedule was accelerated and substantial project cost savings were obtained.