DJ&A was tasked with providing the management, quality control and survey staff for this 14-mile corridor project.  The overall purpose of this project was to research, identify, monument and post the existing under-utilized Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) right of way easement corridor between the Rattlesnake and Garrison substations

BPA has thousands of miles of transmission lines that require careful delineation of the right of way. Many of these corridors, including the Rattlesnake-Garrison corridor, are “under-utilized,” which means that more lines can be accommodated than currently exist. For example, this corridor has one transmission line whereas the full-width of the corridor is sufficient to accommodate two lines. DJ&A’s work, which included surveying, right of way plan development, land owner coordination, and monumentation, was to clearly establish the extent of BPA’s right of way and to safeguard it for future use. All of the activities completed were nearly identical to those required on a linear transportation project.

Key Services

  • Conducted in-depth records research at the county courthouse, BLM and BPA records
  • Performed survey data collection and mapping
  • Conducted property and cadastral corner search and monumentation
  • Performed survey data reduction and data analysis for the corridor surveys
  • Prepared and recorded Certificate of Survey for the easement corridor
  • Established survey monuments

Value Added

DJ&A’s knowledge of local survey practices in the area allowed them to efficiently conduct in-depth documents and records research (Federal and County agencies) to determine easements and property boundaries within this 14-mile corridor.