DJ&A provided survey and mapping services at four sites to support an MDT study of railroad undercrossings in Missoula, Malta, Glasgow, and Wolf Point, Montana.  DJ&A crews utilized GPS, mobile terrestrial LiDAR and stationary terrestrial scanners to capture topographic and planimetric features of each crossing, including sidewalks, curbs, walls, road, and clearance elevations.

Key Services

  • Mobile Terrestrial LiDAR acquisition
  • Stationary Terrestrial LiDAR acquisition
  • LiDAR data processing services
  • Point cloud classification and underpass sub-structure extraction

Value Added

This project demonstrates DJ&A’s ability to strategically work with a wide spectrum of equipment to deliver the required product safely and efficiently. For example, the center of the roadway was too dangerous to set up a stationary terrestrial scanner, so a Riegl VUX-1 LR LiDAR system was used to execute mobile mapping instead.