DJ&A was tasked with managing all aspects of appraisal and acquisition of 82 parcels for a project to improve Petty Creek Road in Missoula County. Efforts included the acquisition of easements on 82 parcels, two major private irrigation system relocations, utility coordination, accommodation and compensation for gate and fencing impacts, and driveway access relocations.

This project required special attention to fencing and irrigation concerns, as many of the adjacent lands are agricultural and experience direct impacts from the project. Several meetings with each group of owners/stakeholders were coordinated and hosted by DJ&A’s negotiators.

DJ&A managed a team of appraisers, review appraisers, negotiators, and project managers.

Key Services

  • Provided necessary documents to show ownership of property to be acquired
  • Obtained adequate interest in property
  • Cleared all encumbrances
  • Prepared written records, deeds, easements, and exhibits
  • Directed negotiations with property owners and-or their attorneys and provided recommendations for settlements
  • Prepared condemnation documents
  • Compiled project data book to be used as reference for determining fair market land values
  • Conducted public informational meetings
  • Reviewed all exhibits and drawings

Value Added

I don’t know how I would have navigated Petty Creek without you guys!

Jeff Seaton, Missoula County

Thank you for the extra time and patience leading us through the negotiation process. You never left us out of the loop, and worked through our very specific concerns. We are lucky that (DJ&A) understands ranching and our needs to move forward toward a workable solution.

Ranch Manager, Petty Creek Ranch