DJ&A was hired to complete the design development and construction documents for a seasonal potable water system serving the Ok-A-Beh Marina in the Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area in Montana. This well and spring-fed system required upgrades to its spring collection box, underground water storage tank, spring area security/fencing, and water valve vault. The main improvement was the addition of a new pumphouse with booster pump, filtration and chlorination treatment systems, and chlorine/turbidity/pH/temperature monitoring equipment.

Additional tasks included a site visit with report and topographic survey and mapping specifically for the proposed pumphouse site. A stamped set of plans and specifications have been sent to the Montana Department of Environmental Quality (MDEQ) for review according to public water system and surface water treatment regulations.

Seasonal systems for recreational facilities with low average day flows and large peak flows during holiday weekends is a challenge for designers and system operators to maintain chlorine residual in the system. Between the Marina’s Chief of Maintenance, National Park’s Service engineers, and DJ&A water experts, a good and cost-effective solution for the chlorination system was established. In addition, many minor details were necessary when designing connections of old system components with new ones. This was true for the spring source, piping, booster pump, electrical equipment and monitoring equipment at the Comfort Station.

Key Services

  • Conducted topographic survey and mapping
  • Designed new pumphouse with booster pump, chlorination equipment, filtration equipment, electrical/control systems, and monitoring equipment
  • Rehabilitated the existing spring collection box appurtenances, replacement of valves near the underground storage tank and replacement of piping and fittings in the water systems main distribution/valve vault located near the Marina’s Comfort Station
  • Provided site improvements including vegetation removal, perimeter fencing repairs near the springs and a new double-swing gate with concrete walkway/sidewalk for easy access and unloading and loading of equipment for the chemical room

Value Added

DJ&A design staff was meticulous about providing a cost-effective system that still met MDEQ requirements, which can be challenging for small water systems. Available construction funding for this project was $462,000. Anticipated construction costs are approximately $333,000; a savings of $129,000.