DJ&A was the prime contractor and was responsible for aerial LiDAR data collection, digital imagery, the establishment of high order survey control monumentation and 1’ contour mapping for a 23-mile long canal system running through both urban and rural community settings near Boise, Idaho.

The total project area consisted of approximately 3,500 mapping acres.  Data collected was used to refine the USBR’s understanding of canal locations, dimensions, and geometry, and to characterize topography in adjacent areas and to support future planning efforts involving the canal.

Key Services

  • Set high order (drivable stainless steel rods inside casing with cover) primary control monumentation
  • Established survey control network (Idaho State Plane Coordinates) using static GPS;
  • Established aerial photo and LiDAR ground control
  • Collected LiDAR acquisition data over canal system
  • Collected aerial orthoimagery over the length of canal
  • Conducted field LiDAR verification check surveys
  • Conducted field ground surveys in canal ponding areas
  • Developed 1’ contour mapping from LiDAR bare earth data
  • Developed project Metadata in conformance to and compliance with FGDC standards
  • Developed and documented project QA/QC plan

Value Added

This project demonstrates DJ&A’s specialized experience in conducting high order geodetic surveys and establishing high order monumentation.