DJ&A served as a sub-consultant to the architect hired by Mount Rushmore National Memorial to design the rehabilitation of the historic Residence and Studio buildings that were once occupied by Gutzon Borglum, the master sculptor of Mount Rushmore. The National Park Service desired a rehabilitation plan that would preserve the character of the historic buildings, reduce operation costs, improve accessibility, enhance sustainability, and provide educational opportunities for visitors.

In addition to providing all site-civil, surveying and mapping, DJ&A led a Value Analysis (VA) study to inform the rehabilitation efforts. A two-day workshop evaluated multiple alternatives for the buildings, which addressed architectural elements, mechanical systems, and site improvements. The VA study team conducted a project site visit, used a creative process to develop additional alternatives, and used various Choosing by Advantages (CBA) methodologies to evaluate the original preliminary schematic design options and those developed during the study.

During the creative session, the VA team developed a fourth alternative that greatly increased value to the Park Service without incurring additional costs.  The NPS curator noted, “We’ve maintained the historic feel of the district. Having that feeling is very satisfying.”

Key Services

  • Reviewed the Environmental Screening Form (ESF) to ensure consistency with project program and identified missing resource data
  • Prepared a Class C Construction Cost Estimate for each Schematic Design Alternative
  • Surveyed existing buildings, walls, roads, paths, utilities, and other man-made features
  • Developed historical documentation and analysis for existing buildings (historical background/context, chronology of development/use, physical description, evaluation of significance, current conditions assessments, and causes of deterioration)
  • Led a two-day Value Analysis workshop with NPS staff and key stakeholders

Value Added

The breadth of services DJ&A offers, including surveying, civil engineering and Value Analysis facilitation on this project, allowed the NPS to meet their project budget.