DJ&A was tasked with completing breach analysis, inundation mapping, and Emergency Action Plans (EAP) for five dams across Montana. After a site visit, DJ&A conducted analyses for flood-induced dam breach and auxiliary spillway flow inundation were conducted and analyzed and an inundation map with all downstream hazards and estimated flood travel contours, depths, and velocities was developed.

Emergency Action Plans (EAPs) were developed to assist local governments and Dam Sponsors in planning for, and responding to, unusual and emergency conditions which could affect downstream areas such as campgrounds, rural development areas, and towns/cities.

Key Services

  • Field surveying for ground-truthing and modeling
  • On site assessment of downstream roads, bridges, and culverts
  • Hydraulic analysis for flood-induced breach and auxiliary spillway flow inundation using HEC-RAS
  • Preparation of inundation maps with all downstream hazards
  • Development of Emergency Action Plans for each structure
  • Creation of evacuation plans in case of dam failure