The Milk River earned its name from the Lewis and Clark Expedition, when Meriwether Lewis described the turbid water as the color of tea with a spoonful of milk added. The Milk River joins the Missouri River just south of Nashua, Montana, a small town of just under 300 residents.

The purpose of this project was to perform surveying services for a new grade-separated roadway for the Montana Department of Transportation in Nashua, Montana. This project realigned approximately 0.75 miles of MT 117 north of the Milk River to construct a grade-separated overpass of the BNSF Railway, and included a new intersection of U.S. 2 and MT 117.

DJ&A provided an updated ownership study, developed right-of-way plans, provided ground topographic and cadastral surveys, set all survey control, staked the alignments and right-of-way, mapped topography and cultural resource ties, and provided Milk River hydraulic cross sections and detailed channel cross sections to supportĀ  hydraulic modeling efforts.

Key Services

  • Conducted right-of-way, cadastral and property boundary monument surveys utilizing GPS and conventional instruments
  • Created topographic mapping for design utilizing GPS instruments
  • Performed hydraulic mapping for water structure design
  • Created map of existing railroad for design
  • Conducted courthouse and online property research
  • Recorded corner recordation forms for cadastral monuments
  • Created a Retracement Certificate of Survey and recorded same within Valley County, Montana
  • Established boundary and right-of-way monuments

Value Added

This project allowed DJ&A to successfully apply its depth of right-of-way plan development experience gained from working with other federal and local agencies to an MDT specific project.