DJ&A completed two topographic surveys in and around the Little Bighorn National Monument in southeast Montana.

The first survey was completed near the visitor center at the monument. DJ&A crews surveyed the infrastructure, buildings, porches, sidewalks, roads, and utilities in a 57-acre area. The survey also included sections of the Big Horn River. Utilities (sprinkler heads, valving, and irrigation alignments) were located and mapped throughout the cemetery, with survey crews using caution and care throughout the sensitive area. Based on historical drawings of the cemetery, survey crews also staked out the location of a wrought iron fence, which previously surrounded the cemetery.

Surveying at a second nearby site, the Reno-Benteen Memorial, will be used by the Park to determine the extent of movement or settlement of the physical memorial and the supporting foundation, and will determine if the memorial needs to be elevated (lifted) onto a new foundation in order to prevent damage from movement, or if adjacent sidewalks need to be replaced to prevent flooding.

DJ&A crews captured topographic data from the monument base, sidewalks, portions of the parking lot and the perimeter around the memorial, corners of all stones and foundations, concrete curb, and soil surfaces surrounding the memorial.

Key Services:

  • Establishment of project control points
  • Topographic survey
  • Ground utility survey and mapping
  • Placement of control monuments
  • Completion of AutoCAD mapping at 1-foot intervals completed in AutoCAD 2016
  • Digital photography of site