DJ&A completed boundary, topographic, & utility surveys for a 77-acre area of Lassen Volcanic National Park’s headquarters. The site consisted of approximately 50 buildings, most of which were built in the 1930’s. The last full topographic survey of the area was completed in 1940. To facilitate future upgrades to the site infrastructure, DJ&A provided surveys for the entire headquarters area, including all buildings, roads, parking, drainage structures, natural features, and utilities. With several natural and cultural resource sites scattered throughout the area, the survey team was also tasked with collecting boundary information delineating such areas.

Subsurface utilities such as water, sewer, phone, electric, and gas were abundant. DJ&A used local utility locators, as-built drawings, and Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) to locate and verify utilities throughout the site.

Several different methods were used to collect survey and mapping data to generate a highly reliable map for design purposes, including GPS, Total Station, Aerial LiDAR, and Terrestrial LiDAR (laser scanner).

Key Services

  • Conducted Ground Penetrating Rader (GPR) investigation, analyzed the data, and provided deliverables identifying what was discovered
  • Used GPR to detect underground utilities, pavement/flatwork thickness, subsurface rock conditions, bedrock locations, groundwater elevations, and other subsurface data

Value Added

DJ&A was able to utilize their varied equipment along with known sub-consultants to complete all phases of this project as needed by the NPS.