To support the Montana Department of Transportation’s efforts to improve driving conditions along I-90, DJ&A performed a control survey and acquired aerial and mobile terrestrial LiDAR data along with convention survey mapping for a 6-mile corridor from Taft to Lookout Pass, Montana.

Due to the very mountainous terrain and large project area, crews utilized DJ&A’s Vapor 55 UAV equipped with a Riegl VUX-1 LR LiDAR system to collect aerial LiDAR at a density of 200+ ppsm. The same LiDAR system was used to collect mobile terrestrial data at similar point densities. Final deliverables included a 6-mile map of the corridor within the existing right of way.

Key Services

  • Control survey and placement of 7 substantial monuments, meeting National Geodetic Survey (NGS) specifications, across the project area
  • Aerial and mobile terrestrial LiDAR acquisition along I-90 corridor from MP – 0.1 to MP 5.7
  • Planimetric survey and mapping of drainage structures and utility locations
  • River and floodplain cross sectioning
  • Development of ground .tin surface using conventional ground mapping and LiDAR acquisition data

Value Added

DJ&A utilized their UAV and Mobile platforms for LiDAR collection along with their HDS ground based Laser Scanner, GNSS, Total Stations and Electronic Levels to complete this project.  Through the use of all the data collection tools in the DJ&A equipment arsenal; a very high quality and safe product was collected and processed in a short time period.