Since 2009, DJ&A has been working with the U.S. Forest Service to significantly improve road safety and access to the very popular public recreation areas in Hyalite Canyon in the Gallatin National Forest near Bozeman, Montana.  Four separate task orders were issued to DJ&A for improvements associated with this important project.

Analysis and NEPA Support

Some sources say the Hyalite Canyon Recreation Area is the most heavily visited recreational area in Montana.  Because of its popularity, the Forest Service hired DJ&A for a Preliminary Alternative Analysis utilizing public input and context sensitive solutions to present three separate road and bridge designs based on various speed-limits.  This analysis process was important for environmental impacts and decision making and included coordination of public involvement meetings and focus on the visual impacts, noise impacts on wildlife, water quality, and socio-economic effects of upgrading a rural road accessing a national forest.

Road and Bridge Design & Construction

As a result of the public involvement process, a context sensitive solution, a 25-mph road design, was selected as the preferred alternative. DJ&A moved forward with the preparation of construction documents that included the removal of two existing timber bridges located near popular areas of East Fork Hyalite Creek and the design of two precast concrete bridges at new locations. As a result of the bridge replacement, hydrologic and hydraulic analysis and stream modeling were conducted for both crossings. This analysis was incorporated into the context sensitive design.

Hyalite Canyon Guardrail Project

DJ&A followed AASHTO roadside design criteria in this safety and environmental enhancement project. Prior to design, DJ&A completed a highway safety analysis to assess proper location for guardrails.  There were three primary purposes for this project: 1) enhance safety of motorists by providing protection from steep embankments; and 2) enhance water quality in Hyalite Creek by limiting improper access to Hyalite Creek and thereby minimize erosion and pollutant impacts.  Such protections served to improve habitat health and to protect the primary municipal water source for the City of Bozeman.

Hyalite Canyon Alternative Transportation Study

Because of its high recreational use and limited automobile capacity, Hyalite Canyon Road became a primary focus for a greater study looking at alternative transportation solutions in the greater Bozeman, MT area.  This is a significant transportation planning study that requires extensive public involvement. DJ&A was tasked with identifying alternative transportation modes, including rideshare, transit, and cycling to access the recreational areas throughout Hyalite Canyon.

Continued Road and Trail Design

DJ&A is currently completing a task order to modify previous roadway improvement designs to reroute a section of the road and to convert a previously abandoned road into a trail.

Key Services

  • Conducted planning, highway design and safety, traffic engineering, surveying and mapping, and structural engineering
  • Provided environmental, geotechnical, and hydraulic and hydrology services
  • Engineered materials and pavements
  • Provided construction engineering support

Value Added

The contractor managed this assignment well, demonstrating ample skills, abilities, and suitable staff to perform the work. DJ&A, PC works professionally with the customer to meet the agency’s needs while simultaneously maintaining good business and contract administration practices.

Alane Fitzpatrick, U.S. Forest Service