DJ&A served as the prime engineering consultant for the redesign of this 1.7-mile street, which included approximately 18,000 linear feet of curb and gutter and 5,300 square yards of sidewalk.

DJ&A developed plans, specifications, and an engineer’s cost estimate for this project, with a primary goal of improving the safety and operational issues caused by poor drainage and horizontal and vertical alignment. The project design included the provision of curbside sidewalks on one side of the road accompanied by bike lanes in both directions, lighting, storm drain and a pedestrian and animal undercrossing in a large through-fill at Moose Can Gulley. Geometric and traffic analysis was completed on two intersections leading to a full redesign of those intersections to improve on the safety at these locations. Fully upgraded pavement markings and signing were included as well.

DJ&A led the public involvement effort for the project including holding meetings with individual land owners and hosting public information meetings.

Key Services

  • Prepared the roadway plans
  • Provided all support in the plans development process
  • Assisted with SID creation
  • Provided public outreach
  • Developed a revised SID financing assessment methodology
  • Analyzed roadway design and alignment alternatives
  • Performed a comprehensive topographic and cadastral survey
  • Provided full geotechnical and materials analysis of the roadway
  • Hydraulic analysis for storm drain systems
  • Engineering of roadway alignment and grade and cross-section features
  • Designed public street approaches and private driveways
  • Utility coordination for relocation and conflict resolution regarding overhead and underground utilities
  • Determined quantities and balancing earthwork
  • Prepared cost estimates that accurately reflected current bidding practices
  • Specification writing and creation of construction traffic control requirements that were project specific
  • Provided advanced project management that kept the project on schedule and the stakeholders informed

Value Added

DJ&A used their experience in designing roads with steep grade to ensure the design of Hillview Way created a safe driving environment, particularly for large trucks utilizing the roadway.