The creation of Fort Missoula Regional Park has been a community-backed effort more than twenty years in the making. In 2014, Missoula residents passed a $42 million Parks and Trails Bond, allowing the long-awaited park to finally be constructed. This new park features multiple state-of-the-art sports fields, an all-inclusive playground, a dog park, picnic area, trails, and tennis courts across 246 acres.

As part of a large project team, DJ&A provided survey, mapping, and civil engineering support for the development of final design and construction documents for the park.

Road & Parking Lot Design

A portion of the project included the design of three new roadways totaling approximately 4,000 linear feet.  One of these roads, the new CCC Road, serves as the main entrance into the Park and has multiple traffic calming features to improve pedestrian safety.  This road design includes a new landscaped roundabout, stamped concrete medians to provide lane separation and traffic calming, and a stamped concrete refuge island at a major crosswalk connecting the park to a main parking lot.

Water & Wastewater

A major component of DJ&A’s work included water and sewer improvements to the site to accommodate up to 3,000 daily visitors. The water improvements consisted of approximately 4,780 linear feet of water main. The sewer improvements consisted of three lift stations, 2100 linear feet of 2-inch diameter force main, storage tank and three connections to existing sewer.

In addition, DJ&A provided design services for a pavilion shelter, sports fields, playground areas, and other miscellaneous infrastructure elements.  DJ&A performed all the design engineering, preparation of bidding documents, bidding administration, assisting the City with selecting a Contractor, and construction inspection.

Key Services

  • Conducted evaluation of the study area’s existing infrastructure
  • Designed wastewater, water, stormwater, and roadway systems
  • Coordinated dry utilities
  • Analyzed traffic design
  • Provided construction phase services
  • Reviewed as-built information

Value Added

Utilizing the surveyed site map and Civil 3D modeled surfaces and road corridors, DJ&A efficiently created a color-coded earthwork analysis map for this large project site.  Not only did the rough grading earthwork map depict detailed cut, fill, import, and export volumes, it also provided information on usage of earthwork material in areas such as buildings, parking, landscape, and structural and non-structural fill volumes.