DJ&A was tasked with performing a topographic site survey, with a focus on locating and mapping underground utilities, for approximately 3 miles of runway on the Biggs Army Airfield at Fort Bliss, Texas.

Work involved the use of underground utility locating equipment to identify all underground utilities within the prism of the existing airfield runway, mapping the locates using the Texas State Plane Coordinate System, and showing all located utilities in a Bentley MicroStation mapping file.

Work also included obtaining security clearance to work on an active military installation, establishing a project specific safety plan, mobilizing crew members to El Paso, TX, establishing permanent project control points or tying existing site control, following specific client specific drafting standards derived from national CAD standards (NCS), providing thorough quality control checks of the work, and delivering clear and concise field notes including sketches and photographs of survey efforts.

Key Services

  • Topographic site survey and mapping
  • Establishment of permanent project control points
  • Utility location

Value Added

This project demonstrates that DJ&A offers considerable value to geographically distant regions (Fort Bliss is 1,390 miles from Missoula).