Established in 1867, F.E. Warren Air Force Base is the oldest active military installation in the Air Force.

Under their survey and mapping contract with the Army Corps of Engineers Omaha District, DJ&A was tasked with surveying, marking, and posting 16 miles of boundary around the perimeter of the Base in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

First, DJ&A completed comprehensive records research with F.E. Warren Base staff, Wyoming Department of Transportation, Laramie County Clerk and Archive, and a local title company. Once records were located, survey crews completed a field investigation and search for existing monumentation and then surveyed the controlling found monuments.

Due to security protocol, access to a portion of the site required a base escort. Boundary resolution was completed in the office before field crews placed steel post monuments at all corner points and along the boundary line in 500-foot increments. DJ&A then prepared state certified corner records for all public land corners and a Record of Survey to record with Laramie County.

Key Services

  • Conducted comprehensive boundary and records research
  • Located and established ground control
  • Identified boundary encroachments
  • Reviewed titles and parcel calculations
  • Performed monumentation of boundary
  • Wrote legal descriptions
  • Facilitated boundary resolution
  • Produced and recorded plats for base boundary (16 miles)
  • Record of Survey completed in CADD
  • Completed surveyor’s report and Record of Survey

Value Added

This project highlights DJ&A’s specialized experience in advanced, complicated records research. Before the project, the Air Force did not have a complete record detailing the total acreage of their property.  After an extensive amount of historical title research, DJ&A was able to deliver a complete list of all previous land acquisitions and disposals for the Base.