DJ&A has completed a wide variety of projects as the City of Dillon’s Roadway and Drainage engineer.  Projects have ranged from preliminary studies with grant funding to full design and construction administration and management. The projects have been in the areas of water distribution, water treatment, sewer treatment, sewer collection, street rehabilitation, street chip sealing, lift station evaluations, lift station needs, storm water piping and structures, building loading studies, trails, siting new wells and reservoirs, cemetery surveys and assisting in discussions related to drainage issues.

Key Services

  • Designed water lines, storm sewers, sanitary sewers, wastewater collection, service lines, and treatment facilities
  • Suggested repair solutions
  • Improved sewer access
  • Provided utility planning
  • Adhered to code compliance
  • Conducted feasibility studies
  • Provided cost estimates

Value Added

When DJ&A was performing the design work for many of the water system upgrades in Dillon, a model of the existing water system was developed. This WaterCAD model was instrumental in evaluating fire flows across the system when new water projects were considered.