Major winter storm events in 2015 caused significant flood damage to several forest roads throughout the Gifford Pinchot National Forest. To expedite the repair process, the Forest Service requested Emergency Relief for Federally Owned roads (ERFO) through Western Federal Lands Highway Administration and selected DJ&A as the highest qualified firm to perform the repair designs.

DJ&A provided professional design services for the repair of 30+ sites that included minor shoulder and road erosion with retaining structures, plugged culverts, culvert replacement, debris removal, road washouts, stream realignments, stream bank stabilization, gravel surfacing, ditch line construction, and repair of existing concrete retaining structures.

Key Services

  • Completed site investigation of existing conditions
  • Conducted site survey and mapping and geotechnical investigation
  • Completed hydraulic, structures, drainage and geotechnical engineering calculations
  • Completed NEPA requirements
  • Designed roadway and drainage repairs
  • Delivered four complete construction bid packages

Value Added

One of the most challenging aspects of this project was the compressed delivery schedule desired by the Forest Service. In order to accommodate early season construction to repair the damaged roads before peak-season, the first bid package was completed in approximately three months. This demonstrates DJ&A’s commitment to timely delivery of a project with compressed delivery schedules.