DJ&A provided design, engineering, and construction administration services to improve pedestrian access within a seven-block residential area of Missoula on behalf of the Missoula Redevelopment Agency (MRA). The project involved the construction of curb, sidewalk, drainage structures, and related facilities. Additional services included assistance with sidewalk easement acquisition and utility relocation coordination, coordination with property owners regarding removal of private encroachments in the public right-of-way, and regular communication with MRA staff and City of Missoula officials.

Key Services

  • Managed project and coordinated with key stakeholders
  • Notified effected property owners and residents
  • Facilitated public engagement including hosting a public meeting to gather input on preliminary design and private encroachments
  • Mitigated right-of-way encroachment
  • Surveyed project corridor, including utility location
  • Designed curb, sidewalk, driveway alignment, drainage plan, and street asphalt patching
  • Performed consultation management

Value Added

DJ&A’s proactive and consistent approach to public engagement resulted in a high level of satisfaction for those affected by the project. Landowners were engaged through mailings, phone conversations, and site visits as warranted. In most cases, all concerns were addressed well in advance of construction. For example, in the case of one owner who was losing access to parking spaces in front of her duplex, we had multiple face-to-face meetings and persistent phone and email communication to reach a mutually agreeable design. This proactive approach considerably reduced the amount of time required to reach a positive outcome.