DJ&A used LiDAR technology to map a total of 63,000 acres over a 33-mile corridor along the Clark Fork River between Garrison and Anaconda, Montana. DJ&A, as the prime contractor, provided client coordination, project management, oversight and coordination to acquire aerial ortho-imagery and LiDAR bare earth points in support of generating 1′ contour interval topographic mapping as well as other defined classified points. The imagery and mapping data was tiled into manageable data file sizes with seamless match lines between tiles.

Key Services

  • Researched and reviewed MT DEQ Records and NGS records and data sheet recovery
  • Horizontal and vertical Geodetic control surveys
  • Calculated Montana state plane NAD83 coordinate and NAVD88 elevation
  • Surveyed GPS river and upland ground truthing
  • Performed LiDAR Data analysis
  • Generated surface and 1′ contour interval mapping
  • Combined ortho-imagery and mapping into 3000’x3000′ tiles
  • Created 304 tiles into Civil 3D drawings
  • Prepared drawing set of 150 sheets and electronic files for submittals
  • Coordinated project scoping meetings with MT DEQ
  • Created 3 foot meter DEM files and FGDC metadata files
  • Coordinated oversite of aerial photography LiDAR consultant

Value Added

This project represents DJ&A’s ability to efficiently manage large data mapping projects.