DJ&A was tasked with providing a range of updates to increase the footprint of the USFS Ripplebrook Initial Attack Facility, a critical facility for rapid fire response in the Mt. Hood National Forest. The facility was initially built to be a construction maintenance shop for road maintenance crews, but was converted to a fire cache, garage, and office when nearby Ranger Districts consolidated. The office space was insufficient and the site’s septic system was inadequate for its new use.

Updates included foundation and structural modifications to the existing structure; design of sanitary treatment to support the use of up to 30 people; water, drainage, pumping, waste and vent piping plans; bathroom fixture upgrades to low-consumption, water saving devices; and electrical system design to comply with latest national and local codes and ordinances.

Key Services

  • Conducted comprehensive site visit and investigation of the facility
  • Designed rehabilitation plans to increase the building footprint by approximately 1,200 square feet
  • Designed of a new waste water system and plumbing for the restrooms, shower, and kitchen
  • Designed HVAC, electrical, and network systems for the addition and upgraded HVAC, electrical, and network systems for the existing space
  • Delivered of a full set of construction documents

Value Added

DJ&A’s worked with the Forest Service to create a design that could be constructed in part by Jobs Corps trainees, thus providing the opportunity to support this vocational training program while generating cost savings on the construction of the project.