Lake of the Arbuckles sits within the popular Chickasaw National Recreation Area in Oklahoma and hosts some of state’s best fishing.  DJ&A was responsible for studying alternatives for replacing a water intake system serving Chickasaw National Recreation Area in Oklahoma. Part of this work included a complete underwater investigation of a 770 ft. portion of the system’s force main sewer, which was submerged beneath Lake of the Arbuckles. DJ&A’s open-water certified divers, equipped underwater video cameras, completed the investigation while transmitting video to the surface so Park staff could view the inspection procedures as they were performed. DJ&A then developed an engineering report to evaluate seven design alternatives for the aging sewer systems. Each alternative was based on constructability using locally available materials and with careful consideration of natural and cultural resources.

This project represents one of the many studies DJ&A has completed related to water and wastewater facilities serving our nation’s national parks and recreation areas.

Key Services

  • Performed underwater investigation of sewer main
  • Completed an engineering report that evaluated seven design alternatives for the aging sewer system
  • Provided research to determine the constructability of several alternatives using locally available materials
  • Visited and coordinated with several local contractors to understand the construction limitations that would be encountered with each alternative studied

Value Added

DJ&A’s multidisciplinary staff were able to complete the required underwater investigation in-house with their certified divers.