As part of a five-year, prime cadastral surveying IDIQ contract with Region 1 of the US Forest Service, which DJ&A has held continuously since 1998, DJ&A completed a cadastral survey involving approximately 12.25 miles of boundary survey. The purpose of this survey was to re-establish the USFS land boundaries for this rural area near Seeley Lake, Montana. The re-establishment of these boundaries required control and cadastral surveys for retracement of public lands within the PLSS.

Key Services

  • Completed records research at the county courthouse
  • Conducted field survey work using 2- and 3-man crews using GPS and conventional surveying equipment
  • Established contact with and secured permissions from 22 adjacent landowners
  • Performed existing corner search for controlling corners needed to establish the Lolo National Forest boundaries
  • Conducted section corner data analysis & sectional breakdown calculations
  • Searched for and tied existing Forest property boundary corner monuments. Missing monuments were calculated and re-established
  • Posted and marked ±12.25 miles of USFS boundary line, which included establishment of the existing Highway 83 Right-of-Way easement lines
  • Recorded and filed a Certificate of Survey with the County Courthouse
  • Filed corner recordation forms for approximately 40 cadastral corner monuments at the Missoula County Courthouse

Value Added

This project represents the technical expertise of DJ&A’s surveyors, who often complete work in rural and remote locations. This project included many miles of rural surveying, which required local knowledge of the rural Forest Road system and the ability to work in difficult and overgrown areas.