DJ&A was tasked with replacing three failing wastewater systems serving Cedar Breaks National Monument near Cedar City, Utah. The monument’s elevation of over 10,000 feet coupled with large amounts of snowfall and harsh weather accelerated this deterioration because of repeated freezing and thawing of system components. With wastewater systems serving areas such as ranger stations, campgrounds, and employee housing, the Park Service needed to reduce health risks and frustrations associated with ongoing system failure. The Recreation Area hosts an average of 900,000 visitors annually, which makes functioning wastewater systems paramount to visitors and Park staff.

During the first phase of this project, DJ&A prepared a report on the engineering feasibility and lifecycle costs of a range of alternatives for the rehabilitation, repair, and/or replacement of the existing onsite wastewater treatment systems. The second phase included design of the preferred alternative and preparation of construction documents. The final phase included a review of construction submittals, analysis of value engineering proposals, and site visits to oversee portions of the construction sequence.

Key Services

  • Conducted site investigation including subsurface soil evaluations
  • Completed an engineering feasibility report including lifecycle cost analysis of alternatives
  • Construction documents for preferred alternative (replacement of individual septic tanks with pre-treatment and pressurized drainfields)
  • Provided construction administration

Value Added

DJ&A provided complete coordination with the Utah Department of Environmental Quality to usher the design through the government approval processes.  DJ&A’s design of the wastewater system considered growth and expansion of the recreation areas; wastewater volume and usage calculations were completed to appropriately size the systems to accommodate future growth.

I just wanted to email you about Mike Whelehon (DJ&A Engineer assigned to this project). He has been GREAT to work with. He is attentive, responsive, knowledgeable, and is a great addition to the CEBR project. I appreciate his attitude and willingness to jump in and assist us. I feel comfortable with him on this project and wanted to tell you that he is a great person to work with.

Britton Evans, Contracting Officer’s Representative, National Parks Service