DJ&A has worked continuously with the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) since 2015 to complete a variety of tasks relating to the identification and remediation of access road deficiencies for approximately 15,000+ circuit miles of transmission lines across five states. This service territory includes every type of site condition imaginable found in mountain ranges, deserts, agricultural land, riparian land, developed urban property, and coastal environments.

Duties include preparing road plans and specifications for construction after having completed a GPS-based inventory of the entire access road network and performing conditions assessments for roadway, culverts, drainage ditches, and adjacent slopes focusing on hydrologic and geomorphic impacts. Data was collected using ESRI ArcPad and managed in ESRI ArcGIS geodatabses. Based on collected data, DJ&A then designed improvements to these low-volume, rural roads.

In addition to the design improvements, DJ&A also provided the environmental and cultural documentation necessary to ensure the designs accommodated a variety of environmental and cultural considerations in the area.  These projects required tasks including: wetland delineations, environmental permitting, NEPA documentation, Section 106 compliance, mitigation planning, construction monitoring, and extensive inter-agency coordination.

Key Services

  • Maintained and managed ESRI ArcGIS databases in an enterprise environment
  • Preformed GPS based inventory of the access road networks
  • Collected field data using ESRI ArcPad
  • Prescribed maintenance plans and specifications for road construction
  • Preformed condition assessments for roadway, culverts, drainage ditches, and adjacent slopes
  • Preformed GIS analysis to derive cost estimates for transportation plans
  • Created environmental maps for ESA and wetland field work
  • Prepared NEPA, ESA, Wetland, and other permits
  • Analyzed threatened and endangered species
  • Conducted environmental implementation and inspection during construction
  • Implemented Section 404 and 106 requirements
  • Performed cultural research and field surveys
  • Filed ARPA permit applications
  • Ensured SHPO concurrence
  • Managed technical specialists

Value Added

DJ&A was able to provide additional efficiencies and value to this large project by providing both engineering design and specialized environmental services in-house.