DJ&A was tasked with completing the survey and mapping for the design and repair of the existing Main Loop trail and adjacent highly-trafficked spurs near the Visitors Center at Bandelier National Monument. Park staff were interested in improving the accessibility, safety, and maintainability of this trail network, including bringing the trail up to ABA-ABAS standards.

DJ&A prepared all mapping and provided a quality control review of data collected by a subconsultant. The total area surveyed was just under 10 acres, including 4000 feet of trails. Spot elevations were shot every 25 feet, and care was tasked to avoid shooting sensitive cultural resources heavily present in the area.

Trees, large boulders, trail intersections, benches under trees, rock walls, and drainage swales adjacent to the trail were all located and mapped to ensure NPS trail designers could use this information to when making design decisions to improve maintainability and visitor satisfaction of the trail system.

Key Services

  • Establishment of project control
  • Placement of control survey monumentation
  • Topographic survey
  • Utility mapping
  • Completion of AutoCAD mapping at 1-foot intervals completed in AutoCAD 2016
  • Digital photography of site