The Auke Village Recreation Area is a popular seaside camping, picnicking, and fishing area on the northern shoreline of Auke Bay. This area was once a traditional fishing ground for the Auke people, a subgroup of Alaska’s First People, the Tlingit.

DJ&A was engaged by the Forest Service to design the reconstruction of an existing, paved, two-lane road adjacent to this recreation site and to enhance access to the site to accommodate a wide variety of user groups.

The final PS&E package included drawings and estimates for new parking areas, a new roadway, improved stream crossings, and enhanced access to all existing features  while respecting sensitive historic Auke tribal sites, including a totem pole carved in the 1940’s.

Key Services

  • Conducted site topographic survey and mapping, including impacted utilities
  • Conducted traffic safety analysis
  • Facilitated public involvement including public meetings and a design workshop
  • Reported hydraulic analysis status
  • Designed multiple traffic calming measures including a roundabout, rumble strips, a raised concrete sidewalk, and a landscaped median
  • Produced construction documents

Value Added

Context sensitive design was essential for accomplishing multiple project objectives. For example, after public input, design workshops, and a highway safety analysis, a roundabout was selected as the best alternative to mitigate traffic through the recreation area. DJ&A worked with a landscape architect to identify areas for interpretive pullouts along the road to take advantage of the visual quality of the region.