Stream habitat issues associated with road failures along the Inside North Fork Road had become a recurring issue for Glacier National Park, challenging the Park managers’ ability to both protect aquatic resources and provide reliable access for visitors traveling by vehicle to the Fish Creek Campground.

To address these ongoing issues, DJ&A was tasked with identify alternatives and developing concepts for channel improvement designs, including several different bioengineered approaches.  DJ&A performed a site visit, site surveys, including geomorphologic stream surveys, and produced design packages for improvements at each of the erosion sites.

As part of the preliminary design, DJ&A presented alternatives for road relocations to assist the Park Service in evaluating the impacts of maintaining traffic into the area while allowing the creeks adequate access to the adjacent floodplains.

Key Services

  • Conducted topographic survey and mapping
  • Produced hydraulic modeling
  • Performed engineering and hydrologic analysis
  • Produced alternative bank stabilizations reports and conceptual designs
  • Finalized design and preparation of construction documents

Value Added

On this complex project, in-house specialists from three disciplines (engineering, surveying, and environmental services) visited the project site to collaboratively collect data and evaluate integrated improvements.  The end result included multiple working solutions for the client to choose from based on available funding and natural resource concerns.