DJ&A conducted a topographic survey for a 6345’ section of the Pecos Trail through the Pecos National Historic Park, encompassing approximately 2.2 acres. The topographic mapping of the area was used to rehabilitate the Main Unit Ruins Trail for the Park. A subsonsultant completed all field work and DJ&A prepared all mapping and provided a quality control review of data collected. Field crews collected the data for over 1 mile of visitor trail including all utilities and archeological objects within the mapping area. All data was then mapped by the DJ&A team and submitted to the NPS according to the NPS standards.

Key Services

  • Establishment of project control points
  • Topographic survey
  • Ground utility survey and mapping
  • Placement of control monuments
  • Completion of AutoCAD mapping at 1-foot intervals completed in AutoCAD 2016
  • Digital photography of site