DJ&A was humbled to be recognized as the Small Business Contractor of the Year from our partners at the U.S. Forest Service during the 2019 USDA Small Business Awards ceremony in Washington D.C. earlier this year.

Since our founding in 1973 by former US Forest Service employees, DJ&A has continuously served the U.S. Forest Service as a small business contractor. We have partnered with the Forest Service to deliver thousands of projects over the last 45 years and we are honored to receive this recognition from our longest-standing partner.

DJ&A was nominated for the award by employees of the Tongass National Forest in Region 10 of the Forest Service for our work on projects across the state of Alaska.

DJ&A has provided very timely products and their packages are complete and professional. They have met the contract timelines and adjusted their schedule to provide additional review time to the Forest Service. They have been timely on the Standard Bridge design contracts, AOP design contracts and bridge inspection contracts. We have found their work quality to be outstanding.

Excerpt from the Forest Service’s Award nomination

We honored by this recognition of our staff and their steadfast commitment to providing our clients with quality and timely services.