We are thrilled to welcome Perry Palmer to the DJ&A team. Perry will lead DJ&A’s recently opened Lakewood, Colorado office and will be instrumental in growing DJ&A’s presence in the greater Denver area.

Perry brings to 25 years of diverse project management, business development, and planning expertise to the DJ&A Lakewood office, which was opened in 2019 to support recently awarded contracts with Central Federal Lands Highway Division and Region 2 of the U.S. Forest Service. Perry will serve as an Office Manager and Senior Project Manager responsible for executing projects under these contracts and further expanding DJ&A’s presence in the Mountain West.

Perry Palmer, RLA

Perry’s experience includes leading multidisciplinary teams to complete complex transportation and recreation projects both in the Denver area and across the country. Perry has led projects for many of DJ&A’s longstanding federal clients, including the National Park Service, Federal Highway Administration, U.S. Forest Service, and Bureau of Land Management. As a professional landscape architect, he and brings a unique, context-sensitive design perspective to federal transportation design.

Prior to joining DJ&A, Perry worked for Atkins in Denver and a variety of other consulting firms across Kansas and Missouri, where he led projects in both natural and urban environments, including parks and transit/transportation planning and design, linear trails, corridor enhancements, site planning, bridge enhancements, and asset management. He also has experience as a team lead on various emergency response projects for FEMA.

In addition to hiring and building DJ&A’s presence in Denver, Perry is currently serving as the Denver Parks and Recreation portfolio manager for the Elevate Denver Bond Program, where he is overseeing $136M of enhancements to recreation areas across Denver.

Interested in learning more about DJ&A’s newly-opened Lakewood office? Contact Perry.