For the past four years, DJ&A employees have proudly supported CANdemonium, the Missoula Food Bank’s annual design/build competition and fundraiser to fight hunger in Missoula.

As part of this creative competition, local businesses are paired up with architect and engineer firms to build giant structures from full cans of food, which are then donated to the food bank after the competition ends. In 2018, more than 17,500 pounds of food was donated after this competition, keeping our city’s food bank shelves stocked for several months.

Under this year’s theme, Comic-CAN, DJ&A employees teamed up with long-term Candemonium partner Horizon Credit Union to design and build a giant PAC-Can and ghost based on the popular arcade game. This 5 1/2-foot structure is made up of 2,948 cans of corn, beans, and chicken broth, with a monetary value of approximately $2,800.

Special thanks to our teammates Horizon Credit Union and our employee volunteers for their efforts in bringing Pac-CAN to life.  

If you’d like to join us in supporting the Missoula Food Bank, stop by Southgate Mall before April 11th and drop a donation in the bucket next to your favorite can structure. You can also vote by ‘liking’ the photo of your favorite structure on Facebook.