We are pleased to announce that Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) has awarded five, 3-year District Survey Term Contracts to DJ&A to provide survey and mapping services in support of transportation projects across the state on Montana.

DJ&A has served MDT’s needs in our home state of Montana since 1993, and held a Missoula District Survey Term Contract from 2016-2019. The diverse projects completed under this contract have allowed DJ&A survey crews to demonstrate their expertise in implementing a wide variety of advanced technologies, including fully robotic total stations, Mobile LiDAR, UAV LiDAR and laser scanners. These technologies minimize the need for crews to enter the traveled way or step foot on dangerous terrain by allowing us to collect survey-grade data remotely and safely. DJ&A’s depth of experience with these technologies, along with conventional survey methods, allows us to identify the right combination of equipment that provides the best mix of safety, performance, and cost-effectiveness for MDT.

Building upon the successful performance on the Missoula District contract, DJ&A will now provide services to all five of MDT’s Districts–Missoula, Butte, Great Falls, Glendive, and Billings–through 2021. Our crews look forward to continuing to leverage advanced technology and innovation to serve MDT across the state of Montana.