On Monday, June 10th, I was honored to join community and business leaders to officially break ground on DJ&A’s new headquarters in Missoula.

Left to Right: DJ&A’s Mike Jensen, Kurt Luebke, and Christopher Anderson, Missoula Mayor John Engen, Grant Kier (Missoula Economic Partnership), and Ellen Buchanan (Missoula Redevelopment Agency) at the project site.

Beyond creating a high-tech workspace for our rapidly growing team here in Western Montana, this project is set to be a catalyst for continued healthy economic growth in Missoula. This will be the first project constructed in Missoula that is funded through the Opportunity Zone program, a program created by the 2017 tax bill that create tax incentives to promote long-term improvement and development in designated zones across the country.

The project’s general contractor, Jackson Contractor Group, helping young attendees break ground on the project site.

To celebrate the occasion, employees from DJ&A, A&E, and Jackson Contracting Group, joined Mayor John Engen, Missoula Redevelopment Agency Director Ellen Buchanan, and Missoula Economic Partnership Director Gran Keir at the project site to share some words about their vision for future development in Missoula.

“It’s gratifying to see a local company make bold, bright investments in their future and the future of Missoula. Our community’s planning, programs and public investment help give confidence to companies like DJ&A, who are investing in redeveloping the West Broadway corridor and, in doing so, creating jobs and opportunities and prosperity in our community. I’m grateful for the vision DJ&A is demonstrating and its commitment to the economic vitality of this great city.”

– Missoula Mayor John Engen
Missoula Mayor John Engen addresses the crowd

“This is an important project from our perspective because the City, MRA and a private party worked closely together, and we think these public-private partnerships are the future of smart growth here in our community. We think the kind of teams that came together for this project are exactly what we need more of.”

– Grant Kier, Director of Missoula Economic Partnership

We are incredibly thankful for the broad support this project has received from our community, including a commitment from the Missoula Redevelopment Agency to fund new sidewalks, boulevards, and street trees, within the public right-of-way. In addition, DJ&A and City of Missoula Public Works are collaborating to bring gravity sewer to the area.

Left to Right: DJ&A’s Christopher Anderson, Missoula Mayor John Engen, Grant Kier (Missoula Economic Partnership), and Ellen Buchanan (Missoula Redevelopment Agency)

I couldn’t be more excited for what this project means for the future of DJ&A and continued healthy growth here in Missoula.